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Preparation Nation

It’s getting down to the finish line.  I need to get things moving and start taking calls.  Being new to a field that has as much competition is truly intimidating, but I know that I’m going to love working hard to make it work.  I always put in the effort and I always get it done.

This morning I was making a list of all the things I still have to do to finally go live and make myself available for calls.  I realized that as much as I want every aspect of my new business to be perfect, what I really need to do is get on the fucking phone.  What I want is to be what’s best for you.  I won’t know what that is until I start experiencing you and getting the chance to please you first hand.  The rest will all organically come in time.

So I’m putting down the SEO book, closing Photoshop, and am not going to try and understand Html code today.  Instead, I’m going to leave this coffee shop, head home, take a hot, sudsy shower, and log on to Niteflirt.  While I wait for my first call, I’ll don thigh high black nylons, lacy panties and matching bra.  To stay productive I’ll take photos to add to my media files and undoubtedly masturbate a few times.  Whenever I get to thinking about sex, I just can’t help myself!

Now I’ve done it.  Better get home fast…  Thank God women don’t show their excitement when standing up after such thoughts. (I’ve had severe penis envy, but public boners must be pretty annoying).

Talk soon!