Every once in a while I get to watch pornography with a caller. Themes have been things like Threesomes, Interracial, Anal, and even Transsexuals. Recently I’ve been interacting with someone who introduced me to something I’ve never watched before. Something I was a little surprised to like as much as I did.

It started with a Skype message. A new caller acquired my contact info from my cam profile and we began “chatting”. He asked if I’d like to watch some hardcore porn with him. He sent a tribute for my anticipated time and sent me a link to a Max Hardcore scene.

I’d never seen anything quite like it. A young woman, dressed like a young girl with her hair in high pig tails, a short skirt, thin knee high, school girl socks, and stripper heels was being fondled by an older man. He was suggesting that she probably shouldn’t have come with him back to his place, him being a stranger and all…

Max was not fooling around. Of all the sessions I watched, he’d toss his counterpart down on the couch, position her quickly, take his cock out and push it immediately into her ass. The noises, the look on her face, his hauntingly repetitive “ye-ahhh!”

I loved it.

What had a tendency to put me over the “edge” almost every time was when he’d abruptly pull out, walk to the end of the couch and drag the poor girl towards him on her back. He’d pull her far enough that her head was hanging over the armrest and make her take his cock deep into her throat. This was done so aggressively that while he held her by her neck, her body was reacting in primal defense. (but it was no use…)

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