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Every once in a while I get to watch pornography with a caller. Themes have been things like Threesomes, Interracial, Anal, and even Transsexuals. Recently I’ve been interacting with someone who introduced me to something I’ve never watched before. Something I was a little surprised to like as much as I did.

It started with a Skype message. A new caller acquired my contact info from my cam profile and we began “chatting”. He asked if I’d like to watch some hardcore porn with him. He sent a tribute for my anticipated time and sent me a link to a Max Hardcore scene.

I’d never seen anything quite like it. A young woman, dressed like a young girl with her hair in high pig tails, a short skirt, thin knee high, school girl socks, and stripper heels was being fondled by an older man. He was suggesting that she probably shouldn’t have come with him back to his place, him being a stranger and all…

Max was not fooling around. Of all the sessions I watched, he’d toss his counterpart down on the couch, position her quickly, take his cock out and push it immediately into her ass. The noises, the look on her face, his hauntingly repetitive “ye-ahhh!”

I loved it.

What had a tendency to put me over the “edge” almost every time was when he’d abruptly pull out, walk to the end of the couch and drag the poor girl towards him on her back. He’d pull her far enough that her head was hanging over the armrest and make her take his cock deep into her throat. This was done so aggressively that while he held her by her neck, her body was reacting in primal defense. (but it was no use…)

“Peek” Performance

I still don’t have a Cam Line, but every once in a while I get a request to view a cock being stroked. Who am I to disappoint?

Most recently I’ve been summoned to watch a man cum on Skype for me quite regularly. Nothing is more exciting than knowing that he wants me to be the one who enjoys the mutually satisfying experience.

Watching him gently manipulate the taught skin on his rock hard cock keeps me fixated and gets me wet. I love when he asks if I’m “ready” knowing that he’s about to release streams of luscious cum just for me.

Family Friend

I had a really fun fantasy role-play this morning.

As much as I like participating in someone else’s, I do enjoy creating my own scenario.

Today it was late night at a family gathering. My cousin’s cute, young girlfriend had been chatting and hanging out with me throughout the day and when everyone else left for some event, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing that we got left behind (especially not for the gentleman I was talking to).

Happy Memorial Day.

Morning Wonderfulness

I love my mornings! For some reason I’m incredibly turned on by talking to men while they are supposed to be working. One of the benefits of being in the Pacific Time Zone is being able to maximize my own morning phone fun activity.

Before I started taking calls I always made myself climax before I got my day started, sometimes between alarm snoozes or sometimes after I’d dry off from a hot shower and climbed back between my sheets. Now I get to do it in the wonderful company of my callers who make me feel absolutely amazing.

It’s unreal how productive I can be before I leave the house…


(Sometimes) when I get desperate to cum I start to whine and say things like, “yyyyyeah?, yyyyyeah?” with an ascending tone.

What happened last yesterday was simply amazing.

While telling me what to do and how to touch my clit and fuck myself with a dildo, Caller Man started mimicking my bleating, intermittently asking me if I were a “greedy, little whore”.

I came all over myself.

So simple, yet so effective.

A Good, Good Morning.

::Matthew McConaughey’s voice:: “They’re here for a show after all… “

I had a call this morning with a man that made me “put on a show” for a room full of men, having me spread my legs and show them all exactly how I pleasure myself. He spoke to me in a very controlling manner, making me dripping wet (sometimes the tone of a strong voice is all it takes).

As I circled my clit with the flat edges of my fingers, caressed my breasts, pinched my nipples, and fingered my pussy on command, I could feel them watching. Watching and waiting for me to cum. I imagined them stroking, contemplating where they’d blow their load (on me).

“Show them what your face looks like when you cum”.

He said it like he knew it would send me over the edge, and it did. My hips tightened, my head surrendered back between my shoulders, my eyes closed and my mouth fell open.

Best. Show. Ever.

Dick Whipped

God. When I get a good fucking my body reminds me of it for days. This always seems to be a great thing a first, but then I’m left wanting more. It starts to become all I can think about!

I love pleasuring myself, but it’s just not the same as having a hard cock, deep up inside of me. Having a partner’s hands sliding along my body, grabbing my waist, pulling me in…

Ugh. Frustration. Give me a call, won’t you??? You know I need it… (you’ll benefit – trust.)

Learn how you can call me on 1-800-TO-FLIRT 1-800-863-5478 ext: 10336503

Preparation Nation

It’s getting down to the finish line.  I need to get things moving and start taking calls.  Being new to a field that has as much competition is truly intimidating, but I know that I’m going to love working hard to make it work.  I always put in the effort and I always get it done.

This morning I was making a list of all the things I still have to do to finally go live and make myself available for calls.  I realized that as much as I want every aspect of my new business to be perfect, what I really need to do is get on the fucking phone.  What I want is to be what’s best for you.  I won’t know what that is until I start experiencing you and getting the chance to please you first hand.  The rest will all organically come in time.

So I’m putting down the SEO book, closing Photoshop, and am not going to try and understand Html code today.  Instead, I’m going to leave this coffee shop, head home, take a hot, sudsy shower, and log on to Niteflirt.  While I wait for my first call, I’ll don thigh high black nylons, lacy panties and matching bra.  To stay productive I’ll take photos to add to my media files and undoubtedly masturbate a few times.  Whenever I get to thinking about sex, I just can’t help myself!

Now I’ve done it.  Better get home fast…  Thank God women don’t show their excitement when standing up after such thoughts. (I’ve had severe penis envy, but public boners must be pretty annoying).

Talk soon!