A Good, Good Morning.

::Matthew McConaughey’s voice:: “They’re here for a show after all… “

I had a call this morning with a man that made me “put on a show” for a room full of men, having me spread my legs and show them all exactly how I pleasure myself. He spoke to me in a very controlling manner, making me dripping wet (sometimes the tone of a strong voice is all it takes).

As I circled my clit with the flat edges of my fingers, caressed my breasts, pinched my nipples, and fingered my pussy on command, I could feel them watching. Watching and waiting for me to cum. I imagined them stroking, contemplating where they’d blow their load (on me).

“Show them what your face looks like when you cum”.

He said it like he knew it would send me over the edge, and it did. My hips tightened, my head surrendered back between my shoulders, my eyes closed and my mouth fell open.

Best. Show. Ever.

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